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TitleAuthorSubs Involved
Against the Odds 1941-1945 WJ Holmes
And the Bakers Boy went to Sea Mary Cummings
Batfish Hughston E. Lowder with Jack Scott USS Batfish SS-310
Blind Mans Bluff Sherry Sontag & Christopher Drew Submarine Espionage
Boomer Charles D. Taylor Fiction
Bowfin Edwin P. Hoyt USS Bowfin SS-287
Clear and Present Danger Tom Clancy Fiction
Cruisers for Breakfast John G. Mansfield, Jr. USS Darter SS-227, USS Dace SS-247
Das Boot Lothar-Gunther Buchheim
D-Day History Channel DVD Set
Death at a Distance Michael Sturma USS Harder SS-257
Dust on the Sea Edward L. Beach
Empire Rising Rick Campbell
Escape from the Deep Alex Kershaw USS Tang SS-306
Final Dive Rick Cliine USS Snook SS-279
Final Patrol Don Keith WWII Sub stories
Find Em, Chase Em, Sink Em Mike Ostlund USS Gudgeon SS-211
First & Finest Theday Subbase New London History
Fresh Water Submarines Admiral WT Nelson, USN Ret. The Manitowoc Story
Go in and Sink Douglas Reeman fiction
Guerrilla Submarines E. Dissette & Hans C. Adamson
Hellcats of the Sea Charles Lockwood & HC Adamson
I Boat Captain Zenji Orita w/J.D. Harrington
Ice Station Nautilus Rick Campbell
Kangaroo Express Richard J. Lanigan USS Growler SS-215
Killing Patton Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard
Left to Die Dan Kurzman The tragedy of the USS Juneau
Life in Nelsons Navy Dudley Pope British Lord Nelson
Maru Killer Dave Bouslog USS Seahorse SS-304
Nothing Friendly in Vicinity Claude C. Conner USS Guardfish SS-217
Overdue and Presumed Lost Martin Sheridan USS Bullhead SS-332
Pigboat 39 Bobette Gugliotta An American sub goes to war
Red Scorpion Peter T. Sasgen USS Rasher SS-269
Red Star Rouge Kenneth Sewell Cold War
Run Silent, Run Deep Edward L. Beach fiction
Salt and Steel Edward L. Beach reflections of a submariner
Shinano Capt. J.F. Enright & J.W. Ryan sinking of Japans supership by USS Archerfish SS-311
Silent Running James F. Calvert, Vice Adm. Retired My years on a WWII attack submarine
Silently we Served Jerome S. Gross USS Subs WWII, USS Nautilus, Bream, Carp
Sink Em All Charles Lockwood
SSN Tom Clancy Fiction
Stealth Boat Gannon McHale SSN's
Sub Captain and Command at Sea Capt. Herbert Mandel USN retired WWII
Submarine Drew Middleton Past, present, future
Submarine Commander Paul R. Schratz
Submarine Diary Rear Adm. Corwin Mendenhall, USN Retired The Silent Stalking of Japan
Sub-Marine Diary Rear Adm. Corwin Mendenhall, USN Retired WWII Operations of USS Sculpin & USS Pintado SS-387
Submarine Grayback Rick Cline The Life and Death of the WWII Sub, USS Grayback ss-387
Submarine Stories Paul Stillwell Recollections from the Diesel Boats
Submarine! Commander Edward L. Beach USS Trigger SS-237
Submarines Anthony Preston Various Country's Submarines
Submarines at War Edwin P. Hoyt
Submarines of the World David Miller Illustrated Directory
The Battle of Leyte Gulf Thomas J. Cutler
The Big "E Commander Edward P. Stafford, USN USS Enterprise CV-6 WWII
The Boat Lothar-Gunther Buchheim
The Cardinal of the Kremlin Tom Clancy Fiction
The Coast Watchers Commander Eric A. Feldt, R.A.N.
The Depths of Courage Flint Whitlock & Ron Smith American Submariners at War with Japan, 1941 - 1945
The Destroyer Killer Edwin P. Hoyt Uss Harder SS-257
The Eleventh Commandment Jeffrey Archer Fiction
The Fleet the Gods Forgot W.G. Winslow The U.S. Asiatic Fleet in WWII
The Galloping Ghost Carl Lavo USS Barb SS-220
The Luck of the Draw Cpt. C. Kenneth Ruiz, USN Ret.- John Bruning The Memoir of a WWII Submariner from Salvo Is. To the Silent Service
The Navy Times Book of Submarines Brayton Harris A political, social, and military history
The Pearl Harbor Avenger Dr. Robert P. Beynon Uss Bowfin SS-287
The Reflection of Innocence John Tolliver
The Silent Service William C. Chambliss WWII USS Perch,Thresher,Sculpin,Harder,Bergall,Seahorse
The Silent Service in WWII Edward Monroe-Jones & Michael Green WWII Submarine Campaigns
The Sum of all Fears Tom Clancy Fiction
The Terrible Hours Peter Maas Rescue of the USS Squalus SS-192
The Trident Deception Rick Campbell Fiction
Three Knots to Nowhere Ted E. Dubay A Cold War Submariner on the Undersea Frontline
Thunder Below! Admiral Eugene B. Fluckey USS Barb SS-220
Torpedoman Ron Smith
U-Boats At War Harald Busch German Submarines in Action 1939 - 1945
Undersea Warrior Don Kieth WWII Story of "Mush" Morton and the USS Wahoo SS-238
Uss Fulton AS-11 - 50th Anniversary Dust on the Sea
Wahoo Richard H. O'Kane, Rear Admiral, USN The Patrols of America's most Famous WWII Submarine
Wake of the Wahoo Forest J. Sterling The Herioc Story of America's Most Daring WWII Sub
War Beneath the Sea Peter Padfield WWII Submarine Campaigns
Without Remorse Tom Clancy Fiction