December 2019 Minutes

Requin Base Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2019

Pittsburgh, PA


Base Commander Huey Dietrich called the meeting to order.

Attendees: Eric & Marge Bookmiller, Lee & Patsy Bookwalter, Clair & Nancy Bouts, George & Cindy Brown, Tom & Deneen Calabrese, Joe & Jill Campisi, Huey & Edie Dietrich, Rick & Judy Elster, Gerry & Linda Gaylor, Dick & Beverly Geyer, Bill & Donna Greenlee, Lou Hamill, George & Barbara Harrah, Kyle Lacey, Charles & Nancy Loskosh, Bat & Kim Masterson, Jim & Sandra Messer, Bob & Jude Myers, Brian Peltier, Dan Phelps, Chuck & Debbie Shrump, Jeff & Eileen Simon, George & Sandra Stass, Carl & Mom Stigers, Jack & Jenny Sutherin, Chad & Judith Underkoffler, Mike & Tina Wyckoff

Base Commander Huey Dietrich gave the quote of the day: “He who loses his head is usually the last to miss it.”

Requin History On December 1, 1948 the USS Requin left shipyard with new radar equipment and reported to New London CT for duty in Submarine Squadron 8.  On December 3, 1968 USS Requin was decommissioned and on December 20, 1971 USS Requin was struck from the Navy Register.

Base Commander Huey Dietrich:  Let us at this time, with a moment of silent prayer, remember our Shipmates who made the supreme sacrifice that we may gather here in Peace. We dedicate this meeting to our Shipmates on Eternal Patrol, to perpetuate their memories in our lives and to honor our Shipmates on active duty in the service of the first line of defense of our Nation.

Boats Lost:

USS CAPELIN (SS 289)                 December 2, 1943

USS SEALION (SS 195)                 December 10, 1941

USS F-1 (SS 20)                               December 17, 1917

USS S-4 (SS 109)                             December 17, 1927

Let us also remember our fellow shipmates of the Requin Base, Calvin Boring, Wilfred Carlton, David Chatlos, Henry Collings, George Denny, Robert LaLonde and Dan Robbins, who were lost in December.  Finally let us remember all the brave submariners who died performing their duties aboard submarines, some individually and some in groups, but where the submarine itself was not lost.

Chaplain Carl Stigers gave the Invocation.

Secretary Jeff Simon led the Base in the Pledge of Allegiance.

A motion to suspend normal meeting activities was approved by the members present.

MIA/POW ceremony was performed.

Chaplain Carl Stigers gave the blessing of today’s meal.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: Baden PA American Legion Post 641 at 1230 hours on January 11, 2020.