February 2019 Minutes

Requin Base Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2019

Baden, PA


Base First Vice-Commander Carl Stigers called the meeting to order.

Attendees: Tino & Sally Bolcato, Eric Bookmiller, Lee & Patsy Bookwalter, Clair & Nancy Bouts, George Brown, Ron Campbell, Joe Campisi, Reno Farina, Dick & Beverly Geyer, Bob & Lynn Gourley, Eric Greenwald, Lou Hamil, Art & Rita Kalimon, Jim Kontier, Chuck & Nancy Loskoch, Bat Masterson, Bob McPherson, JB & Sandra Messer, Marian Miller, Vince Metz, Bob & Jude Myers, Frank Nicotra, Mike Pellegrino, Chip Porter, Harry Sills, Jeff & Eileen Simon, Eleanor Smith, Carl Stigers, Jack & Jenny Sutherin, John Swords, Jeff Thompson, Rob Town, Chad Underkoffer, Mike & Tina Wyckoff

Base First Vice-Commander Carl Stigers: Quote of the day: “We shall never forget that it was our submarines that held the lines against the enemy while our fleets replaced losses and repaired wounds”

Requin History: February 1, 1969, Requin was towed to Florida where she served as a Naval Reserve training ship. February 21, 1990 Senator John Hines introduced Senate Bill S2151 which allowed Requin to be transferred as an exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh PA.

Base First Vice-Commander Carl Stigers: Let us at this time, with a moment of silent prayer, remember our Shipmates who made the supreme sacrifice that we may gather here in Peace. We dedicate this meeting to our Shipmates on Eternal Patrol, to perpetuate their memories in our lives and to honor our Shipmates on active duty in the service of the first line of defense of our Nation.

Boats Lost:

USS BARBEL (SS 316)                  February 4, 1945

USS SHARK (SS 174)                    February 11, 1942

USS AMBERJACK (SS 219)         February 16, 1943

USS GRAYBACK (SS 208)           February 27, 1944

USS TROUT (SS 202)                     February 28, 1944

We also honor our departed shipmate of the Requin Base lost in February, Richard Claypoole, Chuck Dreer, John Mills, Devern Pyatt, James Ross, and Robert Vaughn. Finally let us remember all the brave submariners who died performing their duties aboard submarines, some individually and some in groups, but where the submarine itself was not lost.

Chaplain Carl Stigers gave the Invocation.

Chief Of The Boat Chip Porter led the Base in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Members introduced themselves and the boats they qualified on.

Base Secretary Jeff Simon reported that Minutes of the previous meeting were published on the Requin Base website. With no objections, the minutes were approved as published.

Treasurer Lee Bookwalter gave an accounting of base assets, expenditures, and deposits. With no objections, the report was approved.

Other Reports:

Binnacle List: John Lukasik, Edie Dietrich

Eternal Patrol: Robert Stahl memorial service was attended by Carl Sitgers, Huey Dietrich, Rick Elster, Lee Bookwalter, Dick Geyer, George Brown, Joe Campisi, and Dave Altiers. His obituary was read.

Membership stands at 179

Storekeeper Frank Nicotra reported on available small stores.

Memorial And Ceremonies

Members are encouraged to see the Calendar on the Requin Base Website for upcoming activities, events, birthdays and anniversaries.

Old Business:

Dick and Beverly Geyer will organize the Requin Base 25th anniversary on September 1

Gerry ad Linda Gaylor will organize the Christmas Luncheon in December

New Business:

Details for USS Pittsburgh visit in March were discussed. See Requin website for details

Members voted to show submarine movies at base meetings once per quarter

Possible attendance in Veterans Day parade in Beaver was discussed

Base is investigating establishing a Quartermaster Of The Watch position for each meeting

For The Good Of The Order:

Message regarding approval of the USS Thresher memorial in Arlington Cemetery was read

Motion to invite widows of members on Eternal Patrol to the Mother’s Day meeting was approved by the members present.

Chaplain Carl Stigers gave the Benediction and blessing of today’s meal.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: Huston PA American Legion Post 902 at 1230 hours on March 9, 2019