July 2019 Minutes

Requin Base Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2019

Baden, PA


Base Commander Huey Dietrich called the meeting to order.

Attendees: Eric Bookmiller, Lee & Patsy Bookwalter, Clair & Nancy Bouts, Joe Campisi, Huey Dietrich, Gerry Gaylor, Dick & Beverly Geyer, Bob & Lynn Gourley, Robert Hall, Lou & Alex Hamil, Doug Johnson, Jim Kontier, Chuck & Nancy Lockoch, John Lukasik, Bat Masterson, Vince Metz, Bob & Jude Myers, Rick Nelson, Frank Nicotra, Mike Pellegrino, Chuck Shrump, Harry Sills, Jeff Simon, Carl Stigers, Jack Sutherin, Chad Underkoffler, Mike & Tina Wyckoff

Base Commander Huey Dietrich:  Quotes of the day: “Think of it this way. Where can you go to sea in the most awesome piece of equipment ever built, have great chow, outstanding shipmates, piss off Ivan, and get paid for it”

Requin History:  July 13, 1945 USS Requin joined the Pacific Fleet in the Panama Canal Zone.  July 31, 1945 USS Requin arrived in Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

Base Commander Huey Dietrich:  Let us at this time, with a moment of silent prayer, remember our Shipmates who made the supreme sacrifice that we may gather here in Peace. We dedicate this meeting to our Shipmates on Eternal Patrol, to perpetuate their memories in our lives and to honor our Shipmates on active duty in the service of the first line of defense of our Nation.

Boats Lost:

USS S 28 (SS 133)                           July 4, 1944

USS ROBALO (SS 273)                 July 26, 1944

USS GRUNION (SS 216)               July 30, 1942

We also remember our departed shipmate of the Requin Base Dex Armstrong, John Grienenberger Steve Kossler, Joe Brenkus. Ed Covey, and Ron Shook.  Let us also remember the brave submariners who died performing their duties aboard submarines, some individually and some in groups, but where the submarine itself was not lost.

Chaplain Carl Stigers gave the Invocation.

Members introduced themselves and the boats they qualified on.

Base Secretary Jeff Simon led the Base in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Base Secretary Jeff Simon reported that Minutes of the previous meeting were published in the SVD and on the Requin Base website.  With no objections, the minutes will stand as published.

Treasurer Lee Bookwalter gave an accounting of base assets, expenditures, and deposits. With no objections, the report was approved

Other Reports:

Binnacle List:  Marian Miller, Edie Dietrich, Chip & Sharon Porter, Diana Gervais (Underkoffler), Rick Elster, Frank Nicotra

Eternal Patrol: None

Membership stands at 184

Storekeeper Frank Nicotra reported on available small stores

Shipmate Vince Metz reported on Eagle Scouts presentations

Social Events

Martin Abel retirement ceremony 2000 hours, July 26, 2019

George Brown boat reunion September 5-8, 2019

Shawn McGinty boat reunion June 2020

Old Business:

Purchase of USSVI banners for Army truck used in parades was discussed

Canonsburg parade activities were discussed

New Business:

Details regarding the Requin Base 25th Reunion ceremony (September 7th) were discussed and are available on the base website.

All North East District commanders were reelected.

For The Good Of The Order:

September 20, Ronquil/Cod meeting in Cleveland OH

September 26, USS Thresher Commemorative Monument in Arlington VA

October 12, Base meeting will be in New Castle PA at the Crain Room

November 9, Base meeting will be in Baden PA at the American Legion

November 11, Veterans Day Parade

December 1, Christmas luncheon at the German Club

December 7, possible Pearl Harbor Day rememberance

Chaplain Carl Stigers gave the Benediction and blessing of today’s meal.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: River Forest Country Club, Freeport PA at 1230 hours on August 10, 2019