June 2020 Executive Board Meeting

Requin Base Executive Board Meeting Minutes

June 27, 2020

Voting Members Present:  Lee Bookwalter, Huey Dietrich, Jeff Simon, Carl Stigers

Non-Voting Members Present: Joe Campisi, Chad Underkoffler, Bat Masterson, Dick Geyer

Topics Discussed:

  • Baden American Legion is now smoke free and can support meetings up to 50 persons. Caterer is also able to support our meetings.
  • Holland Club inductees will be honored at the next available opportunity, either privately or at a Base meeting.
  • July 11th meeting will be held at Baden PA American Legion with the following requirements. No food or refreshments to be served, small stores will not be sold, face coverings are recommended to be worn at all times, and computer access to the meeting will be available via Zoom for those who wish to attend remotely.
  • Future issues of the Steel Valley Dolphins will be published via the Requin Base website.
  • The practice of holding meetings at a location other than Baden PA will now be chosen based upon continue quality of the venue versus physical location.
  • A Tolling Of The Boats ceremony is being investigated for December 7th at Soldiers And Sailors.